FOREWORD: Oracles of the Third Millenium

The prophets recorded in Holy Scripture foresaw doom descending on ancient cities, Damascus among them. Their forebodings were realized when the Assyrians “came down like a wolf on the fold” but now new “Assyrians” have come to spread terror in Syria and to threaten all the Fertile Crescent.

“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus shall cease to be a city, and shall be as a ruinous heap of stones.” Isaiah XVII, 1.

The historical books of the Old Testament tell us of periods when the region flourished and of others darkened by calamity.

Alas! Disaster struck again early in our third millennium, just three years ago in 2011 and in a most bloodthirsty and horrifying way as frightful as anything that Isaiah had threatened. Syria was again divided. It was invaded by terrorists and assassins, so-called “Jihadists” who interpreted the sacred word Jihad after their own fashion and in the interests of their paymasters. The rank and file was largely composed of wretches from other countries who themselves had been reduced to misery by wars and who in their abject ignorance were easily deluded by flaming oratory that perverted Holy Writ.

Thoroughly brainwashed, and urged on by promises of easy sex and wealth, in the name of God they have committed every sort of crime, murder with sadistic cruelty, looting, frightening cries, random destruction, and rape. Ruthlessly exploited, they think that if they die they will go to a paradise of luxury, surrounded by beautiful virgins. But as they are fighting in unorganized bands, there is no care or future for them if they are wounded.

From surrounding countries come arms, munitions, and incitements to violence. With international frontiers broken down, the Great Powers send their minions to cause havoc, with rape allowed as a reward. Petro-dollars provide the backing and Western capitals the political cover. The wretched barbarians are urged to kill Alawite or Christian, even any Muslim who does not bow to their particular perverted brand of belief and party obedience.

One can only wonder how the West has so lost its Christian religion and moral sense. It seems to have no thought for the future and to fail to realize that it is fostering an enemy that already works for its demise. Its politicians’ main concern seems to be how to finance their next electoral campaign rather than the welfare of their nation. Like Esau, they sell their birthright for a mess of potage. They refused to foresee the suffering their policies would cause and the plight of the miserable refuges wintering under awnings and wading in mud, even with the example of the chaos in Afghanistan and in Iraq before their eyes. But none so blind as those who will not see!

If we can do nothing else, at least we must join with the Holy Father Pope Francis in prayer. On the Feast of the Annunciation the example was set in Lebanon where Christians and Muslims of every sect joined in appealing to the protection of Our Mother Mary.

From Thought of Joseph Matar

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